350-400 Cleveland Workers To Be Laid Off

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Mayor Jackson says he knew major cuts in state aid were coming, with big reductions in the state's local government fund proposed by Governor John Kasich. But he says under the latest plan being considered by the Ohio General Assembly, there's another big hit that hadn't been planned for - the zeroing out of revenues from business taxes to large cities.

In all, the Mayor says, state cuts add a 37.5 million dollar deficit to the city's budget through 2012.

JACKSON: And if you add that on with the normal deficit that we calculate will be 24 million, we're talking about a 60 million dollar deficit."

And that means big cuts to the city budget, starting June first. Jackson announced 350 to 400 city workers will be laid off. Police patrols will be reduced, fire companies will close and the fire training academy for 2011will be cancelled. City maintenance and programs will also be cut back.

Jackson says cuts to large cities are disproportionate to those dealt to smaller ones, and to the overall state budget reduction, and are patently unfair.

JACKSON: "This is a state imposed deficit, that amounts to a state imposed layoff and service reduction. And it is based on us having to pay more than our fair share of filling the 8 billion dollar deficit in Columbus."

Bill Rice, 90.3.

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