Browns Coach in the Hot Seat

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Romeo Crennel's appearance at the news conference was delayed by almost a half hour, causing one wag to wonder whether the embattled head coach was packing up his office. The Browns now have a 4 and 7 record, and after the team's poor performance on Sunday afternoon --- especially during the second half --- fans on talk radio and sports blogs have been calling for Crennel's head. When he did finally show-up, the coach didn't want to speculate on his future with the Browns.

CRENNEL: My future is that I'm coaching for the next game --- that's all I can worry about. The thing that I can control is trying to keep the team together...trying to get those guys to play better in the next game that we play.

Veteran Cleveland sports journalist Dan Coughlin doesn't think Crennel will be be coaching very many games after that.

COUGHLIN: Romeo's been on the hot seat for quite awhile. I don't think there's any chance in the world, not one percent of a chance, that he'll be back next year.

But, Coughlin doesn't think the Browns will dump the coach this year, because they have no one on the staff who could take his place. Asked for a final thought on the Browns, Coughlin had this to say.


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