Candidate Patmon Proposes Restructing Cleveland Schools

Cleveland Mayoral candidate Bill Patmon seized on the city school district's D grade on the state report card to propose a complete re-structuring of the system.

On the steps of the school administration building, Patmon outlined a proposal to break the system up into smaller, autonomous local districts that would be closer to the size of suburban school districts.

{Patmon: "Suburban school districts work. If you look at the report card from the Ohio Department of Education, what you find is that the ones that are above the failing level, the great majority of them are suburban school districts."}

The smaller size of suburban districts, Patmon says, gives parents more opportunity to engage with school officials and hold them accountable. Under his plan, each sub-district would have it's own deputy superintendent, citizens advisory board and PTA.

Patmon is among five candidates for mayor running in a primary election September 8th. The two top finishers will face off in the general election this fall.

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