City Asking for Help on Lakefront

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It was built in 1940 by the same architect who designed city hall, but the white-washed art deco structure with its six-story lookout is now in serious disrepair. After the Coast Guard left in 1976, the station experienced a brief fling as a bar and disco. But otherwise the property has sat empty, open to vandals, birds and weather at the end of a crumbling pier that connects it to Whiskey Island. The city now owns the site and mayoral chief of staff Chris Ronayne says there have been a lot of ideas circulating for its re-use.

Chris Ronayne: We've heard exciting ideas, everything from restaurants to clubhouses to interpretive centers to museums, really a place in which to experience the waterways of Cleveland.

But city planners say renovation could cost millions of dollars. For more on the city's plans for the site, check the Lakefront Plan on the planning commission website.

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