Cleveland National Guard Mobilized

Karen Schaefer- So far, four Ohio Army National Guard Infantry Units have been called to active duty, including Company D from North Canton. But next week, the first Cleveland-area unit will be shipping out, the 167 soldiers of the 135th Military Police. The company is due to move to new quarters at Fort Bragg, North Carolina on October 11. So far, there's no word on where they'll go from there.

Today soldiers are getting new ID tags, filling out paperwork for their families and jobs, and checking over equipment and personal gear. It's not the first time this unit has been activated. Some its members have also served in Desert Storm and other military actions. Sgt. Tom Gribble of has been with the 135th for the last nine years.

Tom Gribble- I guess when we were in Nicaragua, we knew that there was an end, we knew that we'd only be there for a couple of weeks if we chose to go for that long, we could have gone longer. But we knew there was an end, but this, we don't know for sure when the end's going to be. But the guys are ready to go - women, too, of course.

KS- 25% of Brook Park MP unit is made up of female soldiers. 19-year-old Private Tatiana Moldenado is one of them. She says her duties could well take her to the front line.

Tatiana Moldenado- I'm just a MP. Basically, we do a lot of stuff, security, escorts, convoys, things like that. Mostly security work. I just got back from Basic two months ago and now I'm leaving.

KS- Private First Class Andrew Keller is also just 10 days out of basic training. He'll be 19 on the day he ships out. He says his parents and friends are worried, but supportive of what he has to do.

Andrew Keller- They're not happy overall, but they're proud. I mean, if they want somebody out there, I guess they want me, because they know me. They're being very supportive, so I consider myself lucky.

KS- As they make their final checks on vehicles and equipment this week, members of the 135th MP's will also be saying goodbye to family and friends. But all the soldiers here say they're prepared and ready to go. Karen Schaefer, 90.3 WCPN News.

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