Cleveland State Researchers Land Health Science Grants

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CSU President Ronald Berkman came to the school intent on increasing the quality and stature of its research - especially research that can lead to new commercial applications. Two new grants from the National Institutes of Health show it's making progress. One goes to Associate Professor Barsanjit Mazumder - $1.75 million dollars to continue research on his discovery of a new mechanism that controls inflammation. The other, for $1.25 million, goes to Associate Professor Xue-Long Sun to develop anticoagulants that are safer for stroke and heart attack victims.

Berkman says winning the grant awards is a big step forward for CSU.

BERKMAN: "The grants are within the domain that we identified as a principle research focus in the university, and that's health and life sciences. So they really are where we want to move with our research agenda."

Berkman credits not just Professors Sun and Mazumder for landing the grants, but also his new Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies for ramping up CSU's research efforts.

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