Elias Acevedo Pleads Not Guilty to Charges of Killing Pamela Pemberton and Chirstina Adkins

Elias Acevedo was indicted last week on 293 counts. He’s accused of killing Pamela Pemberton, whose body was discovered in 1994, and Christina Adkins, who went missing from 1995 until her remains were uncovered this month. In addition to aggravated murder charges, Acevedo faces charges of kidnapping and rape, with victims who were younger than 13 at the time.

Assistant prosecuting attorney Blaise Thomas says the criminal investigation is ongoing.

“Anyone with knowledge regarding Mr. Acevedo or any other crimes he may have committed is invited and asked to call the FBI at 522-1400. That’s 216-522-1400," Thomas told reporters after the arraignment.

Acevedo’s last listed address is on the same street as the former house of Ariel Castro, the man who kidnapped three women and held them captive for about 10 years in his home on Cleveland’s West Side.

Authorities say there is no connection between the two cases. Prosecutor Timothy McGinty has said detectives zeroed in on Acevedo after re-examining unsolved crimes in Castro’s neighborhood earlier this year.

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