Gingrich Forges On In Cleveland, Despite Losses Tuesday

Newt Gingrich capped off a campaign swing through Ohio with a brief speech to workers at a Cleveland manufacturing plant.

Gingrich spoke for less than 15 minutes against the din of operations at Jergens Inc., which makes parts for a wide variety of industrial uses. He didn’t mention the results of Tuesday’s caucuses that were swept by GOP rival Rick Santorum. Nor did he mention Mitt Romney, whom he has attacked vigorously over the past several weeks. Instead, Gingrich stuck mostly to policy positions. In keeping with the factory setting of his speech, he talked up a revived manufacturing base if he’s elected. And he tied that to the importance of maintaining a strong defense.

"You think about the dangers, to Cleveland, or to Columbus, or to Cincinnati, or to New York," Gingrich told employees of the Jergens metal manufacturing plant.

"Remember what it felt like on 9/11 when 3,100 Americans were killed. Now imagine an attack where you add two zeros. And it's 300,000 dead. Maybe a half million wounded. This is a real danger. This is not science fiction," he said.

Gingrich restated his goal of giving workers the option of having private Social Security savings accounts.

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