Lakewood YMCA to Open

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Planning for expanding the YMCA of Greater Cleveland's Lakewood branch began in 1999. Now, seven years later, a brand-new 48,000 square foot facility will open to people who have sustained their memberships during the rebuilding on December 1st, and to new members in January. Of the $10.5 million price tag, $8.6 million has been raised so far, much of it from Lakewood residents.

The city has also been an important partner, according to Audra Kessler, who heads the Y's marketing effort.

Audra Kessler: It really is a win-win for the two groups to partner together, and it serves as an example for other communities of how the Y and the city can provide recreational services.

Lakewood Hospital will also have a presence in the new Y, providing rehab services to disabled and elderly residents. Bill Rice, 90.3.

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