Marvel to Film New 'Captain America' in Cleveland Next Year

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Ivan Schwarz, the director of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, works to bring films like "The Avengers" and "Captain America" to Cleveland.

Schwarz says Northeast Ohio appeals to filmmakers because its urban, suburban and rural locations can double as anywhere in the country. Plus, he says, local authorities are usually willing to close down city streets for filming. But he says that wasn’t the biggest draw for Marvel.

SCHWARZ: “The first thing is the incentive.”

That’s the tax credit incentive for filmmakers. It was signed into law in 2009 and expanded this year. Film crews in Ohio are reimbursed 25 percent of what they spend in the state on items such as equipment, production, accommodations and salaries.

SCHWARZ: "That's really the first discussion we have with any filmmaker that wants to come to Ohio. After that, it's showing them pictures, and scouting with them and showing them the things we have to offer."

Schwarz says he can't say exactly where the crew will film yet. But he expects filming will start early next year. And as for the tax credit, "Captain America" will receive $9.5 million.

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