Ohio House Passes Bill Blocking Audit of JobsOhio

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The amendment blocks the state auditor from auditing the $100 million that JobsOhio will receive from the state’s liquor profits each year by clarifying that those revenues are not public money because JobsOhio paid that money back. Rep. Ron Maag of Lebanon said it protects JobsOhio’s ability to help create jobs and economic growth.

MAAG: “It reconfirms the legislature’s intent for JobsOhio to be private and transparent.”

But Democrats, angry that the amendment quickly passed in committee just a few hours before, fought back. Rep. Matt Lundy of Elyria said the public needs to know how public money is spent.

LUNDY: “Can any of you stand before your constituents and say that some public money should be excluded from state audit? I’d love to be there in the room when you give that speech.”

The bill also instructs the auditor to pick an independent accounting firm to audit JobsOhio each year.

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