Parties Interpret Supreme Court Decision

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The head of Ohio’s Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, sees the court’s decision to keep the healthcare law intact as a victory for people who need the coverage.

REDFERN: "We had a health care system that would restrict opportunities for women to seek affordable health care, mammogram screenings, cervical screenings and the kind of access that will drive down costs not just for some of us but for all of us. And I’m excited about these conversations with voters because it’s not about Republicans and Democrats. It’s about what’s right for our country to improve the lives of so many and, at the same time, grow our economy and make it that much stronger."

But the head of the Ohio Republican Party, Bob Bennett, seizes on the court’s interpretation that the individual mandate part of the plan constitutes a tax.

BENNETT: "This is exactly what Republicans have been saying. This is a tax on middle class voters and family members clear across the country. You had 88 counties that voted for the repeal of Obamacare last fall in Ohio and you had the president of the United States, in an interview with George Stephonopolis, said this is not a tax. Obviously he either misspoke or he tried to slip something past the American people but the courts have straightened him out on that."

So here’s the spin at this point: Democrats will say this plan is helping to provide coverage to people who needed it. And Republicans will refer to the health care plan as a new tax on middle class families.


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