Party Chairmen React To FBI Probe of Campaign Contributions

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The FBI probe into the donations to US Senate candidate Josh Mandel and Congressman Jim Renacci doesn’t come at an ideal time for returning Ohio Republican Party chair Bob Bennett. But Bennett says the investigation is focused on the contributors, not the candidates.

BENNETT: “Nobody likes to have investigations going on. But I don’t think it reflects back on the party.”

But Ohio Democratic Party chair Chris Redfern says the GOP knows Benjamin Suarez of Canton, the employer of the donors - and that the party should have been more careful in taking money connected to him.

REDFERN: “The Republican Party and their elected officials, Josh Mandel and Jim Renacci, have let Ohioans down, and they’re going to have to answer for it, whether it’s through the Department of Justice or the FBI.”

The FBI is also talking to a GOP county chairman and ally of former state chair Kevin DeWine, who was ousted in April after a long-running dispute with Gov. John Kasich.

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