Patmon, Jackson In Final Showdown

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Incumbent Frank Jackson and challenger Bill Patmon said little new in their city club appearance but did spar a bit more fiercely than in the past. Jackson predicted a strong future for the city built on four years of what he said were solid accomplishments...and he used a most familiar phrase.

"It is what it is, and it's pretty good; it's a balanced budget. It's no layoffs. Its no reductions in service. It is what it is, is a future for Cleveland. It is what it is - is all these things that make Cleveland great."

Patmon, the former city councilman, shot back though - saying Cleveland has not seen the resurgence of other cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh -- and he blamed poor leadership - and political gamesmanship.

"So this is no game. It is the business of people's lives. Yes, we are some imperfect people, working in an imperfect world, looking for perfect solutions. I believe the founders of this country did the same thing and that's what I profess to do as a politician."

The two candidates did agree on one ingredient necessary for Cleveland's resurgence - establishing a "green" economy that can provide environmental and economic sustainability.

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