Strickland Adviser Speaks to Energy Policy

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Speaking to a group at Cleveland State University, Shanahan said the Strickland proposal promotes the use of alternative energy sources and outlines a plan to stabilize electricity rates. During a Question and Answer session, several people charged that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is too friendly with the utilities that it is supposed to regulate. Shanahan countered that the governor had changed the make-up of the Commission, this year. He also noted that PUCO chair Alan Shriber had recently made a philosophical shift and become an advocate of renewable energy.

Mark Shanahan: So, I think the combination of the governor's leadership, the clear signal he sent in his appointment to the PUCO, and the changes we've already seen in chairman Shriber give us reason to believe that the PUCO will follow the new mandate.

The Strickland plan is now being examined by the Ohio Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee. Mark Carnahan says the Governor hopes to have this legislation passed by the end of the year. David C. Barnett, 90.3.

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