Study Warns Taxes, Education Not Favorable For Ohio Manufacturing

Ohio's manufacturing and transportation sectors are still strong compared to other states, but high taxes and mediocre education could inflict further declines as the country emerges from recession.

That's the conclusion of Ball State University's 2010 Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card. It rates all fifty states in several categories, including the ability to produce and transport goods, tax climate and level of investment.

Michael Hicks is the study's primary author. He says Ohio gets an A in manufacturing - and logistics, which is transportation and warehousing of goods - but lags in workforce education, earning a C, and has a terrible tax climate, ranking only a D-minus.

"So in factors that matter tremendously to manufacturing firms and logistics firms, the fiscal environment of Ohio bodes ill for the long-term prospects of both industries," Hicks says

Among Ohio's neighbors, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky also scored A's in manufacturing. Pennsylvania received an A for education and Indiana earned another A for low taxes.

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