Telarc International Reorganizes, Changes With the Times

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Robert Woods, Telarc’s president and founder, says the re-organization is in response to a changing music industry, and that – quote, “the writing has been on the wall for some time”. Most other labels have already moved in the same direction.

Woods formed Telarc in 1977 with partner Jack Renner. Both were classically trained musicians, and Renner a seasoned recording engineer. Their first commercial recording was of the Cleveland Orchestra under Lorin Maazel. A short time later Later Telarc became a pioneer in recording techniques using what was then known as “pulse code modulation” or PCM, which would later become widely known as “digital audio”.

In 2000, Telarc merged with the jazz and contemporary music label “Heads Up”, and in 2005 both of those labels were bought by the Concord Music Group of California.

Woods will leave Telarc in March, and plans to form his own artist management firm with his wife Elaine Martone. The label’s head recording engineer, Michael Bishop, is forming his own recording and production company.

Woods says what will remain of Telarc is mainly a marketing and sales company.

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