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Wet Weather Yields Abundant Corn Crop

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Ohio is on track to have a good corn crop this year. In an interview with Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s Joe Cornealy explains why now is a good time to be a corn farmer in the buckeye state.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Cornealy: "It’s so far been a very good year. We are a long way from the bin. But heading here into early August, as you talk to farmers around the state, most are saying the crop looks really, really good."

Ingles: "And is this due to the weather we are having?"

Cornealy: "Absolutely due to the weather. We had a little bit of concern that we had too much rain earlier in the year but we pretty well got through that. And the temperatures are holding up. I think some farmers would like to see it a little bit warmer right now but adequate warmth and really above average rainfall is making for a good crop."

Ingles: "Now is it a good year for sweet corn and the kind of corn we eat or is it a good year for the corn that goes into feeds and that kind of thing?"

Cornealy: "Yes and yes. The sweet corn crop appears to be doing pretty well although its grown in such small and scattered lots compared to field corn that we don’t track that very well but my local farmer’s market is amply supplied so I’m taking that as a good sign. The field corn – it develops at a slower pace than the corn we eat and that’s the one we track the most but yes, both crops seem to be looking pretty good."

Ingles: "Now it seems that when we have plentiful corn crops, we see a difference in the price at the end. Do you think because we have so much corn and its growing so well that we might see corn prices actually drop when it comes to harvest time?"

Cornealy: "We’ve already seen some impact on the price of corn. The markets follow not just what is but what will be and generally the predictions across the country are very similar to Ohio that we have a good corn crop so prices have already fallen. The question becomes what else will happen around the world to have an impact on corn prices but the market is already down some in anticipation of a big crop and as we get into harvest, if we get that confirmed and we do see large yields, it will probably drop even further."

Ingles: "But all in all, because the crop is so plentiful, it’s probably going to be a good year for Ohio’s corn farmers right?"

Cornealy: "Farmers would like to see big yields and extremely high prices but they know you don’t get both. Most farmers would be happy to have a somewhat lower price when you are talking about a yield that is a lot stronger."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says Ohio’s corn crop is in the best shape in years. Ohio’s corn industry supports about 34,000 jobs and generates nearly 359 million in labor income each year.

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