What's Changed?

Terre Holmes Interview [Listen]
One year ago, this Cleveland Heights native was living in New York City, trying to work her way up as an actress and writer. One year later, she's back in Cleveland, a casualty of the economic crisis that followed after September 11th. While some might have considered the move a setback, Holmes says she's gained a new perspective because of it. As part of ideastream's continuing observance of the September 11th anniversary, April Baer recently spoke with Terre Holmes about what drew her to New York, and what changed after she left.

Terre Holmes is hoping to produce a staged version of Run, the play she co-wrote, within the year.

Chandana Mozumdar Interview [Listen]
As Dean of Students at Lakeridge Academy, Chandana Mozudar had her hands full September 11th, ministering to hundreds of shocked and frightened teens. As a social studies teacher, she daily faces a set of entirely new challenges as she guides students through an altered paradigm of world events. Speaking with 90.3's April Baer, she remembers what was happening last year at this time, and the student who's reaction to the attacks brought her up short.

Repeating a tradition that began last September, Lakeridge Academy will hold a diversity forum October 2nd, including representatives from a variety of religious and cultural traditions, to help students deal with the complicated feelings inspired by the attacks.

Geoff Spencer Interview [Listen]
Geoff Spencer and his brother George (known to his friends as "Twig") grew up together in East Cleveland and Shaker Heights. They graduated from University school, and became close as adults, sharing sailing trips and other outings. That ended the day Twig Spencer went to work last September 11th at his new job with Euro brokers, on the 84th floor of the WTC's south tower.

This Friday, Geoff and Twig's alma mater, the University School, has scheduled the initial date for the George E. Spencer III Lecture series, which has been established since his death last September. The first speaker will be Dr. David Powers, who was a classmate of Twig's, and head of the Comparative Muslim Societies Committee at Cornell University.

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