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Benefits of 90.3 WCPN ideastream Membership

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Of course, the single most important benefit of your membership support of 90.3 WCPN is the knowledge that you, in every real sense, are helping to keep your favorite NPR station relevant and vibrant, and you are ensuring that excellence will remain the hallmark of the news and information and entertainment 90.3 WCPN broadcasts. But there are other, more tangible benefits that come from your support of the station as well.

One-Year Subscription to the 90.3 WCPN Program Guide
Become a member of 90.3 WCPN with a gift of $50 or more and receive four issues of the station’s quarterly program guide throughout your membership year. You'll find the station's program schedule along with features about upcoming specials and your favorite programs so you can plan your 90.3 WCPN listening… and hear your membership dollars at work!

Thank-You Gifts of Your Choice
In addition to the program guide, your contribution of $50 or more entitles you to choose a gift at the appropriate pledge level from the 90.3 WCPN Thank You Gift List. Review a complete list of thank you gifts and pledge now!

Access to WVIZ/PBS Passport
WVIZ/PBS Passport is a member benefit that provides 90.3 WCPN donors extended on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programming. WVIZ/PBS Passport is available to donors with a yearly contribution of at least $60 or an ongoing monthly contribution of $5 or more. It cannot be purchased separately. Learn more or activate this benefit here.

Gifts to 90.3 WCPN ideastream® are Tax-Deductible!
Because 90.3 ideastream® is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, your contributions are tax-deductible, minus the fair market value (FMV) of any gifts or services you may receive. To help you calculate the tax-deductible portion of your gift to 90.3 WCPN, we’ve included the fair market value for each of the items listed on the 90.3 WCPN Thank You Gift List. You will also receive a tax-receipt from the station with this calculation done for you. Of course, you may decline thank you gifts and use your entire 90.3 WCPN contribution as a tax deduction. Review a complete list of thank you gifts and pledge now!

Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Why does 90.3 WCPN need my membership support?

90.3 WCPN ideastream is a public service organization with a mission to strengthen our communities.

But service to the community is expensive. The price tag for every hour that 90.3 WCPN broadcasts is a whopping $546. As a non-profit, non-commercial station, there are no advertising dollars to help defray that cost. Tax dollars used to support public broadcasting work out to about $1 per person per year. And while it’s true that state government, corporations and foundations help, individual contributions from generous people like you are a critically important and significant source of revenue for your NPR station.

How will my contribution be used?

Your membership gift supports the station’s coverage of important community issues and the celebration of the region’s many assets through programs such as The Sound of Ideas®The Sound of Applause, daily newscasts and in-depth reports. Your contribution also helps 90.3 WCPN acquire and broadcast quality national programs from NPR and other independent producers.

Is my gift to 90.3 WCPN tax-deductible?

All gifts to 90.3 WCPN are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you request and receive a thank you gift, the fair market value of that gift must be deducted from your contribution for both tax and matching gift purposes.

When I called 90.3 WCPN during the membership campaign, I requested a thank you gift. When can I expect to receive it?

We assume that you want as much of your contribution as possible to be invested in your favorite programs. So rather than guess at quantities and end up with a warehouse full of expensive thank you gifts that no one wanted, we wait until the membership campaign has concluded before ordering the various thank you gifts offered. It generally takes six to eight weeks after your contribution has been processed for your gift to arrive.

What will I get in return for my membership contribution?

With an annual contribution of $50 or more, you will receive a year’s subscription to the quarterly 90.3 WCPN program guide. WVIZ/PBS Passport, which provides on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programming, is available to donors with a yearly contribution of at least $60 or an ongoing monthly contribution of $5 or more. You're also entitled to select one of the station’s special thank you gifts at the appropriate membership level. Most importantly, when you join 90.3 WCPN, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of supporting our community’s most accessible resource for news and information, education, culture, civil discourse and entertainment. Review a complete list of thank you gifts and pledge.

I’m not comfortable using my credit card on the Internet. Is it safe to pledge?

Yes - 90.3 WCPN uses a secure server to ensure the protection and privacy of any information you submit to us through our online pledge form.

Can I pay my pledge in monthly installments?

Yes you can, provided your installment payment is $10 or more and your pledge is completed within six months. For example, if you made a pledge of $120, we could bill you $20 each month for six months. The easiest way to pay your installment pledge is with a credit card, but you can pay by check as well.

What is a Sustaining Member?

The easiest way to make a significant contribution to 90.3 WCPN is to become a Sustaining Member. You tell us the amount you would like billed each month to your credit card, and we’ll take it from there! When you receive your monthly statement from your credit card company, you’ll see your monthly contribution to the station was automatically charged.

The great thing about being a Sustaining member is that your support of 90.3 WCPN will always be current and will automatically renew each year. Of course, you can stop your contribution at any time by simply calling the Membership Office at (216)-916-6100 or by simply emailing the Membership Department. And since there will be no need to mail you renewal reminders, you’ll save the station printing and postage costs and allow us to invest more of your membership gift into the programs you enjoy.

Become a Sustaining Member now!

How long does my membership last?

Your member is active for one full year from the date 90.3 WCPN processes your gift. Take the step from being just to listener to being a Member. Pledge now!

My 90.3 WCPN renewal is not due for two months, but I received a renewal reminder today. Why so early? And if I send in my renewal now, will I lose the two months from my current membership year?

Renewing early simply ensures that you don’t miss any issues of your quarterly 90.3 WCPN program guide, and it lets us know that we can count on your support for another year when we’re making important programming decisions. Many people appreciate being reminded of their upcoming renewal so that they can incorporate their gift into their household budget planning. Rest assured renewing early will not cause you to lose any time from your current membership. We’ll simply extend your membership benefits for one year from your current anniversary date. Renew your membership now!

Does 90.3 WCPN share its contributors' contact information?

90.3 WCPN does not sell, rent, or share your contact information with other organizations except for necessary and normal operations such as mailing membership publications, notices, and contribution requests, etc. However, to assist in building contributions from the community, WCPN does periodically exchange names and addresses of its contributors with like-minded nonprofit organizations who may contact you by mail. If you prefer that the station not exchange your name and mailing address, simply email the Membership Department or call us at (216) 916-6100.

How can I get in touch with 90.3 WCPN?

If you ever have a question, concern or opinion you would like to share, you can contact the Membership Office.

By Mail
Membership Department
90.3 WCPN ideastream®
Idea Center®
1375 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-1835

By E-mail
Membership Comments

By Phone
(216) 916-6100

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