NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #29


NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  This week we learned about several types of scientists. What you would study if you were a scientist?

Robert, Westwood Elementary:  If I was a scientist, I would be an atomic scientist, or a person who studies atoms. I want to study atoms because I think it's weird that everything is made from different amounts of atoms, in different formations. I also think that some synthetic elements shouldn’t be classified as elements because they last to short of a time. For example, Livermorium which is an atom, I think is barley an atom because its half-life (half the time an atom lives) is 53 milliseconds, or 53/1000 of a second. Finally there are possibly hundreds of other types of atoms to be found in the vast universe. In conclusion, if I was a scientist, I would be an atomic scientist.

Jordan, Christian Life Academy:  I would be a geologist! Geologists study rocks.  Why? So I could find and study crystal samples.  I am actually studying crystal samples now!

Sami, Columbia Middle School:  If I were a scientist I would be an astronomer, a person who studies space. The reason I chose an astronomer is because I think space is really cool. Every single planet, star, and galaxy amazes me! Someday I would like to go up into space and look at Earth from the moon, or even Mars! That is why I chose to be an astronomer.

Camille, Claggett Middle School:  If I were a scientist I would be an epidemiologist, they study how diseases spread.  I would want to be an epidemiologist because if you are anything like me, I HATE getting sick.  I could help to stop the spreading of diseases.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world that didn't get sick?  So many people die from diseases, such as every year thousands of people die from influenza, more commonly known as the flu.  It would be great to help these people from getting sick, so if I were a scientist I would be an epidemiologist.

Olivia, Roosevelt Elementary:  If I were a scientist, I would study about how the earth came, and what the very first animal was, and how it came like, if the animal just all of a sudden came in the dirt, and then another and then another, you know. I want to know this, because I have always been interested in history, and fossils at History Museums with my family.

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