Weekend Radio

WRC 1730
July 28 – July 30/17                  
Running time: 58:00
FILE #1 
:25 tone, then :30 silence

FILE #2 
Hard Luck Stories - Bob and Ray
                              RadioArt CD 2014
RAVEL-DESOTTO: Tombeau de Couperin: 3rd Mvt – Quartetto Gelato
                              Linus CD 15221                      
8:09    I’m Robert Conrad    :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT

FILE #3 
From Dr. Demento’s 20th Anniversary Collection - Delicious –
Jim Backus and Friend; The Ballad of Irving – Frank Gallop; The
Cockroach that Ate Cincinnati – Rose and the Arrangement; Battle of
Kookoamonga – Homer and Jethro
                              Rhino CD 70743
TRAD (arr):VALLIERES: Tetris – Angele Dubeau, violin; La Pieta
                              Analekta CD 7834      
The Wisdom of Mark Levy: Saving Time on Envelopes
MOZART (arr KINGSLEY): G-minor Chacha – Vienna State Opera Orchestra;
Jazz Rhythm Group/Gershon Kingsley
                              Vanguard LP 79165*
VILLA-LOBOS (arr CAZES): Bachianas Brasileiras No.5: Aria – Camerata
Brasil                        EMI CD 56939
43:08     I’m Robert Conrad     :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT

FILE #4 
Late Date – Stuart McLean     Vinyl Café CD 0003        
STATION SALUTE: Monroe, LA KEDM, Sunday 11:00 AM 
BIZET: Galop – Serenata Geneve    Gallo CD 527
57:48      CONRAD OUT MUSIC TO  58:00
58:00     :20 PAUSE THEN NEXT PROGRAM PROMO (:30)    Tag:  :05
*Out of print
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