COYO Postcards from China: Day 3

The Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra is on tour in China, where they will perform concerts in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Ningbo.  WCLV has signed up three orchestra members as "field reporters" to send back pictures, video, audio, and text of their experiences. 

Day 3 update from David Burnett, Tuba


The People's Hall: home of the Chinese legislature

Changing of the guard at Tiananmen Square


Concertmaster Jieming Tang and Music Director Brett Mitchell hunt for the ideal interview location.

The Forbidden City

Large copper and brass vats used for firefighting at the Forbidden City. The British thought they were solid gold during the opium wars, later realizing they were gold-plated. Scratch marks are where they filed off the gold.

The Forbidden City moat. Today it keeps the bothersome street vendors out!


Forbidden City Concert Hall


After an incredibly long and rewarding day, the orchestra loaded up for the hotel in its final night in Beijing.


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